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From small delights to big moments, we plan, organize and manage all of your ‘team experiences’ throughout the year to strengthen workplace culture.

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Disengagement is rising, and it’s expensive.

34% of salary is the cost of an actively disengaged employee, according to Gallup. With up to four generations in the workplace, varying communication preferences, work styles, and value sets all create friction. This often makes cohesive culture building difficult.

No one said it would be easy, but we can help. ​  

Build team culture without the headaches of logistical planning. Download our free eBook and see how workplace culture and team cohesion tangibly and significantly impacts your company’s bottom line. ​  

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A complete plan

in three steps.

step 1

your tribe

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Select your group size. Our experiences are optimized for teams of 50-100 people.

step 2

your goal

set your goal

Choose your goal. Do you need to celebrate, nurture, refuel, or ignite?

step 3

craft your

craft your experience

Take your pick. Select from a list of team experiences or let one of our Eventors help you.




What we do - Packages


Select a turnkey




Let the good times roll.


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Whether you’ve reached a milestone moment, inked a big deal or simply feel the need to go out and let loose, give your team positive reinforcement. Make it known that good work does not go unrewarded.



United we stand, divided we suck.


Tribe Nurture Icon

This package offers activities that strengthens relationships and brings out the best in your group. Take some quality time to develop those important “work-fam” ties.

Keep calm and do better. 


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This package offers stress-free and uplifting events that focus on relaxation and positive vibes. Transform hard times into valuable experiences, and energize your team to bounce back stronger.  

Inspiration, motivation, and workplace dedication. 


Tribe Match Icon

Invigorate your team’s hunger for success by giving them refreshing, motivational and stimulating ideas and frameworks they can build off. Spark a fire under the team that encourages employees to be better.

Anything is possible for a company when its culture is about listening, learning, and harnessing individual passions and talents to the company’s mission.

Satya Nadella

CEO, Microsoft


choose your own


We've selected over 100 experiences to choose from across Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver and bucketed them into four categories

Surprise & Delight

ice cream Experiences

Thoughtful Actions = Happy Company. Put a smile on your Tribe’s faces and deliver moments that keep employee spirits sky high and productivity booming.

Team Building

Team rowing in a boat Experiences

When teams trust, depend and fight for each other, the positive impact on results are undeniable. Activities like these push your Tribe to achieve more, together.

Team Outings

group of people hiking Experiences

Take a moment to get your Tribe out of the office and into new unexplored worlds. The workplace is where the nitty gritty daily grind goes down but beyond the desk space is where team magic really happens.

Give Back Moments

two volunteers taking a selfie together Experiences

Today’s millennial powered workplace wants to give back to their communities. Work as one cohesive unit and install an unbreakable mantra of positivity and union.

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