The power of account-based marketing

Breaking through the clutter and leaving a lasting impression on our customers is never easy.

Think about it. How many emails do you get in your inbox everyday? How many commercials do you skip? How many banner ads do you click? Unless there’s immediate interest or inherent value, you most likely ignore or pass over brands who are trying to engage you with their content.

This is where account-based marketing comes in. Account-based marketing is all about leveraging an existing relationship and strengthening your ties. It’s a laser-focused sniper approach to contacting clients who are top of your priority list rather than targeting new ones. This approach uses personalized campaigns that are tailored to specific attributes and needs of your top accounts.

If ABM isn’t part of your outreach strategy, the holidays are the perfect time to start.

Sprinkle some festive spirit

People love this time of year for many reasons. We binge our favorite festive movies, overindulge in carbs, and spend quality time with loved ones. No matter how old you are, the exchanging of gifts is something that gets you excited. When it comes to your accounts, the same applies. Whether you want to up-sell or cross-sell your offerings or simply letting them know you’re thinking of them, giving your client something meaningful is a sure-fire way to leave a lasting impression. Here are a few ideas to win the hearts and minds of your top accounts through account-based marketing gift giving.

A personalized culinary experience

Most people often bring leftover dinners or last-minute salads into work for lunch. It’s a cost-effective option but nothing says surprise and delight like a catered meal for the whole team. Take this one step further and send your client’s team a personal chef who will cook breakfast, lunch, and tasty mid-afternoon treats for them.
We’ll work with you to craft a specialized branded menu that brings your client’s employees together and allows them to spend quality time bonding over freshly made food. Not to mention, this experience is inherently Instagram worthy! Be prepared to see not just a strengthening of your relationship with your client but positive impressions on social through this branded gift experience.

Decorate together

It’s that time of year when shoppers are on the look out for shiny decorations and festive ornaments to fill their homes and workplaces. One adornment that is guaranteed to be on everyone’s shopping list is the classic holiday wreath.

Work with us to send a team of plant/design specialists to your client’s workplace to engage in a wreath building experience, working collaboratively on decorative wreaths that symbolize growth. All materials would be provided as complimentary by your company, of course. This unique type of crafting helps inspire creativity and showcases their personality beyond the boardroom, all whilst your brand and message leads as the foundation for the workshop.

Crafting new experiences

The easy and traditional client gift is the quintessential bottle of wine or champagne to celebrate another successful year of partnership. Turn this traditional gift on its head by taking it one step further. If there’s one fresh way to say thank you to your top clients this holiday, it’s by sending them a mobile craft beer and wine pop-up to their workplace. According to a new study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh, consuming alcohol in a social setting can enhance positive emotions and social bonding.

Liven up the office and give your client’s workplace the chance to unwind, regroup, and reminisce on 2018’s key moments. For those who don’t drink, consider sending an alternative like mocktails or chilled sodas to ensure everyone is accounted for! Remember, it was you who brought them all together and they’ll be sure to know who to thank.

Don’t wait to start planning

Over the holidays, families and friends give well thought-out gifts to one another to build on their relationships. By sending personalized interactive gifts, your clients and prospects feel more like they’re part of your extended work-family. Allocate your marketing budget now to a tactic that makes people take notice and that goes beyond the standard approach.

Not sure where or how to start? We’ll work with you to find the perfect workplace present that fits your client’s needs and requests. Let us take care of all the heavy lifting and organize, deliver, and surprise your key accounts this year.
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